Arrest Warrant Search in 5 seconds

The internet offers enough tools to fully understand who you are working with. Tools like an online arrest warrant search have been proven to be critical especially in recruiting or when working with independent service provides. is a perfect example of how information can help prevent bad decision calls. A lot of people end up working with convicted felons just because they did not have access to information which should be made available for the general public. inteliGator behaves like an searchable online database that can provide a wide array of information. As long as someone had a problems with the law at some point, their name will show up on their website.

For a lot of people, sites like this can offer a breath of fresh air as the insecurity of working with people that have a questionable background can lead to bad decisions. For starters the human resources recruiting segment can make great use of such tools. In their process there is no other tool that can provide such a details background check to complement a resume that might have certain information omitted or hidden. For everyone else, inteliGator can be used as a simple search engine. While their services are not available for commercial use the value of the information provided can have an impact over the people some chose to work with.

The website offers an easy to use interface with a straight forward search form. Searches are free but detailed information require a subscription. This turns out to be a fair deal as anyone can check on anyone and only if a record is found it might be worth paying for their unlimited access package which is actually extremely low priced. The unlimited access license offers information such as arrests, convictions, sex offenders, income details, personal identification details including address history, property ownership and even possible neighbors. This collection of data makes it quite tempting to upgrade at least for a trial and get all the details about a particular person.

The Good

inteliGator offers comprehensive arrest warrant search services and has a bunch of benefits that make it tempting to say the least to try it out.

1. Ease of use

their easy to use search form makes it possible to pull out all the available records in just a few seconds. All that the user needs is the name, last name and maybe some additional details such as the state and city.

2. Detailed information
the results will return a surprising amount of details regarding a person as long as they had or still have any kind of problems with the law. Sex offenders and other people with criminal records are listed in inteliGator. While all these details are available for people that subscribe for their searches, the free service will return results as well. The arrest warrant search will offer everything there is to know about someone on a single page.

3. Reasonable premium services

people that work frequently with independent contractors or just regular individuals that like to know who there are dealing with will find that it is worth paying at least for the trial. In fact the trial should be just enough to test the product or perform a single search.

The Bad

inteliGator offers a monthly subscription with might not be worth paying to search just for one person. On the other hand the trial can be used to test the service of just find out more about only one individual. Paying for a one month subscription is only worth it if multiple searches are required. It would be a bit more lucrative to see additional premium packages added that have a limited number of full searches included.

Drawing A Line

Services like inteliGator offer a community service. People should have the right to know who their neighbor really is or if a contractor has a criminal record. The premium service is more of an upgrade that will prove to be worth the money. All the information provided could help make a better decision. Sometimes people can have a criminal record but hide it or lie about it in order to gain the trust of others. Services that provide arrest warrant search are their main enemy and in the end it all resumes to personal security. Gaining access to information that can improve safety and trust is worth paying for.