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  • Unlimited access to over a billion records from all over the US
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  • Monthly unlimited Premium Searches
  • Customized data and reports
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    Recruiters probably have one of the most tedious jobs in the modern world. To screen out applicants and potential employees, they would need to obtain a ton of public records and data (often sending out endless requests for document access to government bureaus and offices that are concerned), sift through all of these, and report back their findings. This process helps them weed out criminals and other offenders that might compromise other employees’ safety, and the integrity of the whole company in general. While necessary, this whole recruitment and background checking process takes up a whole lot of the company’s time and resources.

    Thankfully, InteliGator is here to save the day. The product, which is an online background checking service, provides its users with access to over a billion records and other public information with just a simple click of the button. Criminal offenses, personal data, warrants, and misdemeanor records of people can be easily accessed just by typing in their first name, last name, and location (city, state) into the software’s Search boxes. Compared to human investigators who would manually have to sort through and organize these records, Inteligator is definitely a hundred times faster, more accurate and efficient. It comes at a particularly low price too. A monthly subscription comes complete with most of the different search functions that you need when conducting background checks. For those who want to try out the program but do not have the time and money commitment for a monthly subscription, a four-day trial plan is also offered for only $2.95.


    1. Customized data
    Since InteliGator sources its data from thousands of databases from all over the country, dealing with that much information can be overwhelming. Fortunately, the software allows its users to set their own search preferences so that unwanted and unnecessary data can be easily filtered out from the results.

    2. Free record search

    Even if you don’t want to pay up for a subscription fee and commit yourself to the program, you can still try out the service’s Background search function at its official site ( for free. Just enter an individual’s first name, last name, and location, and the software will pull up results that match your search preferences. You will only be prompted to pay should you want full access to the records that were provided by the results.

    3. Different kinds of background searches.

    With InteliGator, you can do a generice background search on an individual, but you can also find information about the people who are close to him or her through the service’s Relatives and Associates search. With the Deep Web function, you can find all of an individual’s social media accounts, and webpages where his or her name is mentioned. You can reverse lookup a phone number or email address, and find details about a particular business- all with just a simple click of a mouse button.

    4. Low cost

    As previously mentioned, InteliGator is probably the cheapest background checking software on the market today.


    1. No refund policy

    Take note that subscription fees are to be paid in advance. If you want out of your plan early, you will still be charged with a whole month’s fee. There is no refund policy. Thankfully, you can opt to pay for the low cost trial period instead of the whole month subscription if you just want to try out the product.

    2. Comprehensive reports are pricey

    Despite providing more in-depth and detailed information on individuals, getting a Comprehensive Report can be a bit tricky. You will be charged an additional $29.95 should you want to obtain one.

    Conclusion: Despite the kinks that we mentioned above, InteliGator is pretty good software to subscribe to especially if you will be conducting background checks on a regular basis. It’s cheap, easy to learn, comprehensive, and customizable- the very characteristics that most people want out of an online background checker