Arrest Warrant And – What You Need To Know
An arrest warrant is a legal order that allows law enforcements, like the police, to detain a certain person who is in suspicion of committing a crime. Keep in mind that through proper channels you determine if a certain person has a prior or outstanding arrest warrant. If you want to know more about arrest warrants and how you can search for it, then you have come to the right place as this article is going to cover the subject.

Arrest warrants are court authorized legal orders. Its main purpose is to give law enforcement agencies the power to detain a person that is suspected to have committed a crime. An arrest warrant may only be issued after a sworn statement has been recorded by a victim of a specific crime, district attorney or police officer. Most of the times, the judge issues the arrest warrants. However, when needed, national or regional legislature has the power to issue such kind of warrant. For most types of crimes, regardless of location, arrest warrants are not governed by any kind of restriction and will stay open until the person is either detained or found.

If a prosecutor or police officer desires to have an arrest warrant issued, he or she needs to demonstrate there is probable cause. Also, the prosecutor or officer must present the evidence to a judge to demonstrate why an arrest warrant should be ordered. Most of the time, prosecutors and police officers will try to obtain sufficient evidence linking a person to a specific crime before they present their proof to the judge and requests for an arrest warrant.

Before an arrest warrant may be considered as legal, it has to include vital information. Although the specifics may vary from one region to another, but a typical arrest warrant must include the person’s name, the crime committed, a physical description, bail amount, place of issuance and the name of the judge who issued the arrest warrant.

When a judge issues an arrest warrant, it usually falls into a specific category. The 4 types of an arrest warrant include:

  • Felony – this type of warrant is issued for a felony offense.
  • Misdemeanor – type of warrant issued for less serious crimes, usually for crime with penalties of less than 12 months in jail.
  • Bench – type of warrant issued to a person who defies the rules of a legal court.
  • Outstanding – an arrest warrant issued by a judge when the police fail to arrest the person within a specific amount of time.
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An arrest warrant is a legal order, usually issued by a judge on request from prosecutors or police affairs for the purpose of detaining an individual suspected of committing a crime. Through proper channels, like Inteligator, you will be able to uncover if a certain person has a history or outstanding arrest warrant. Inteligator also features other background checks like inmate records and sex offenders to name a few. Inteligator is largely an online background check service and using the site has its advantages such as convenience, multiple options and accuracy.